2. Using ViSta Applets

Applets are
  1. small pieces of code served by a world-wide-web server to be used by a world-wide-web client computer.
  2. written in a language that software on the client computer can understand and process.
ViSta Applets
  1. are served by the professor's web server to the student's (client) computer.
  2. are written in ViSta's Data Analysis Language (ViDAL) which is understood and processed by ViSta.

There are three kinds of ViSta applets:

  1. Passive Applets do not require the interaction of the student once the student has gotten the applet from the web.

  2. Interactive Applets require students to continue to interact with ViSta after the applet is downloaded from the web.

      Unguided applets, both passive and interactive, have been used in my classes. They are fully supported by the existing software.

  3. Interactive Guided Applets interactively guide the student after the applet is downloaded from the web.

      Guided applets work on an experimental basis in version 4.28 of ViSta. They are not yet fully supported and have not yet been used in any classes. I expect that they will be fully supported in the near future and that I will use them in January of 1998.
Prior Requirements
  1. The student's computer must have ViSta installed. Thus, before using any ViSta applets the student must download ViSta from the web.
  2. The professor's server and the student's browser must be correctly configured so that ViSta will process the applet.

We discuss and demonstrate each type of applet in the remainder of this paper.

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