4. Summary

Undergraduates in my introductory Psychological Statistics course are using ViSta World-Wide-Web applets to visualize statistical concepts.

The applets use ViSta, the Visual Statistics system that I have written. ViSta is free statistical visualization software for Windows (3.1, 95, NT, OS/2), MacOS (PowerPC & 68040), and Unix (with X11). It is useful for teaching introductory, multivariate, graphical and computational statistics, as well as for research and development in those areas.

There are three kinds of ViSta applets:

  1. Passive Applets do not require the interaction of the student once the student has gotten the applet from the web. These applets have been used in my classes.
  2. Interactive Applets require students to continue to interact with ViSta after the applet is downloaded from the web. These applets have also been used in my classes.
  3. Interactive Guided Applets interact with the student to guide the data analysis, after the applet is downloaded from the web. (These applets are experimental and not yet fully supported by the software. They have not yet been used in my classes.)
ViSta's unguided applets are created by programming in the underlying data analysis language. Guided applets are created by a visual point-and-click interface; no programming is required.

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