Recented Developments in ViSta 5.3

Recent developments in
ViSta - The Visual Statistics System.
An overview of version 5.3.

Free, Open and Extensible

ViSta is FREE

  • ViSta is Freely Redistributable. This means that it is not in the public domain, but that it may be freely copied and redistributed, with the restrictions noted in the copyright notice.


  • All of the code is available to the programmer. This includes both the Lisp code for ViSta and the C code for XLisp-Stat.
  • This code can be used as the basis for developing new code that extends the system's capabilities.
  • Plugins can be written in Lisp to extend analyses and visualizations.
  • Independent programs written in Lisp, FORTRAN or C are accessible from within ViSta.
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