Forrest W. Young

Professor Emeritus, Quantitative Psychology
L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory
Department of Psychology
University of North Carolina
CB 3270 Davie Hall, Room 341b
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3270
Software Research & Development
ViSta - The Visual Statistics System
ViSta is a free statistical system featuring very dynamic, highly interactive visualizations. With ViSta you can have fun seeing what your data seem to say.
ALSCAL - Multidimensional Scaling by Alternating Least Squares
ALSCAL is a general purpose multidimensional scaling program. It does metric and nonmetric scaling using the weighted or unweighted Euclidean model..
OnLine Course Notes
The Main Points
On Significance Testing by Lyle Jones
On Psychometrics by Forrest Young
On Science by Forrest Young