Books on Multidimensional Scaling

by Forrest W. Young


These books may be ordered from their publisher.

Schiffman, S.S., Reynolds, M.L., & Young, F.W. (1981). Introduction to Multidimensional Scaling. New York: Academic Press. ISBN 0-12-624-350-6.

This book covers the design, execution, and analysis of multidimensional scaling experiments and includes detailed descriptions and examples of several major MDS programs including ALSCAL. Discussed are various program options that allow the user to select the model (classical, replicated or weighted) that is most appropriate to a particular data set, and to examine the effect of different measurement level assumptions. Later chapters show how to use multiple regression and other analyses to interpret the results of MDS, how to interpret weights, and how to analyze rectangular data matrices.
Young, F.W. & Hamer, R.M. (1987). Multidimensional Scaling: History, Theory & Applications. Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Hillsdale NJ. ISBN 0-89859-663-7.

This book is intended for intermediate graduate students, researchers and instructors, presenting the fundamentals of multidimensional scaling. The book illustrates the applicability of MDS to a wide variety of disciplines. The first two sections provide a ground work in the history and theory of MDS. The third section outlines the application of MDS to such diverse fields as physics, marketing and political science.