Monographs on Multidimensional Scaling

by Forrest W. Young


The following monographs on Multidimensional Scaling are available from the Psychometric Laboratory. Each monograph is available for $5.00.

Young, F.W. & Lewyckyj, R. ALSCAL Users Guide.
This monograph presents a complete overview of how to use ALSCAL, including the SAS, stand-along mainframe and PC versions. Included is a detailed guide to the command language for each version, including a summary of 19 common types of analyses. The monograph also presents comments on unique aspects of ALSCAL's output, including descriptions of the individual differences indices and fit indices. In addition, extensive annotated examples of the input to and output from ALSCAL are presented, including figures published from the examples. These examples cover metric MDS, nonmetric MDS, unfolding, and individual difference scaling. Finally, a list of all diagnostics, including a full explanation of each, is presented.
Young, F.W. ALSCAL Collected Papers.
This monograph presents the nine major papers that have been published describing the mathematical and algorithmic details of ALSCAL, including papers that present monte carlo studies of the program.

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