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Custom Installation

Custom Installation

Custom Installation allows you to change the defaults used for Standard Installation. When you click on the custom installation button, you see a dialog box with numerous options. Here is information about the options:
  • Change the Startup Directory.

  • By default, the startup directory is the one containing VISTA.EXE. It is recommended that you not change this (but see the information in the next paragraph).
  • Change the User Directory.

  • When you save something within ViSta, this is where ViSta will be when the Save dialog box opens.
  • Change the Prefs Directory.

  • This is the directory that ViSta reads and (optionally) writes to maintain your preference files. 
  • Retain main window

  • You can have ViSta retain the size and location of its main window between sessions.
  • Change fonts and font sizes.

  • If you wish to use a different font than the Andale Mono font, enter the information in these boxes. You can change fonts and size from within ViSta later if you need to. 
  • Change Program Group Names.

  • You can change the default names of items in the Program Group that will be created by the configuration process. If you wish, change the default names to ones that you like.
Click "Configure and Quit" when you are finished with the custom installation.