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Configuring Your System for
ViSta Datafiles

What are ViSta DataFiles?

ViSta datafiles are files which contain data formatted in a fashion that ViSta can understand. If you wish to be able to double-click a ViSta datafile, and have ViSta run and analyze it, without having to first run ViSta, you must configure Windows to recognize the file and associate it with ViSta.

These files have the .VDF extension. This extension must be associated with ViSta in order to have the files run ViSta. The information on this page tells you how to do that.

Configure for MSWindows ViSta Datafiles
  • Set your Browser Properly:  You must set your web browser with the proper options to successfully download and use ViSta datafiles. If you are using Netscape under Microsoft Windows, you should do both configurations given below. If you are using Internet Explorer, you only need to configure Windows.
    • Netscape
    • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT
    • Other Browsers:  You must set your browser to recognize a "mime type" that is specifically for ViSta. Whatever browser you are using must be set so files with extension .vdf will be recognized as corresponding to mime type "application/x-vista-datafile", and so that the mime type "application/x-vista-datafile" will cause the ViSta executable to run. The files are text files. The details for doing this will depend on the browser you are using.

    Test your configuration

    You should now be able to click on any ViSta datafile and have the datafile automatically run ViSta. Try this ViSta DataFile test. It should run ViSta and display a datasheet of the data. If ViSta isn't run, try configuring again.