Recented Developments in ViSta 5.4

Recent developments in
ViSta - The Visual Statistics System.
An overview of version 5.4.


ViSta, the ViSual Statistics System, is a highly dynamic and very interactive statistical visualization system especially oriented towards students and teachers of statistics. It is designed to help you

  • "See what your data seem to say" and to
  • Test what you think you see.

ViSta features visual tools that structure your data analysis process, guide you through an analysis, reveal structure in your data, and show you results of your analyses.

ViSta also has a Language Interface, including ViDAL, ViSta's Data Analysis Language, and XLispStat, an object-oriented programming language for statistical computing and dynamic graphics. These languages may be entered at the keyboard or run in scripts.

ViSta performs Univariate and Multivariate statistical visualization and analysis, including simple univariate tests, n-way univariate analysis of variance, regression analysis (linear, nonlinear, multiple, multivariate and redundancy analysis), principal components analysis, correspondence analysis, frequency table analysis and multidimensional scaling. Missing data imputation is available.

ViSta can be downloaded from for free. It runs under Windows, on Macintosh, and under Unix. It is available in English, French and Spanish. It is an open and extensible system, which can be extended by writing your own ViSta plugins or ViSta web applets.

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