Recented Developments in ViSta 5.3

Recent developments in
ViSta - The Visual Statistics System.

New Analyses

  • ANALYSIS PLUGINS! Simplified approach for writing your own analysis methods. Just follow the coding rules and drop your code into the plugin folder.
  • Frequency Table Analysis - New analysis plugin calculates chi-square and related statistics for N-way frequency tables.
  • Latent Growth Curve Visualization - Carla Bann has written a plugin that visualizes the results of latent growth curve analysis.
  • Missing Data Imputation - Pedro Valero has added three missing data imputation methods: Maximum Liklihood, Casewise deletion and Pairwise deletion.
  • Box-Cox, Folded Power and Dummy Variable Transformations - Pedro Valero has added these three new transformations to the transformation menu, writing them as plugins. The Box-Cox and Folded Power transformations feature visualizations to graphically estimate the best transformation.
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