Version 6

WinViSta Alpha Version 6a10

Download WinViSta 6a10

  • WinViSta 6.0a10 (May 25th, 2000: 3.61 MBytes download) is much more mature, but has been put together quickly just as I am going to be off the net for several months. If the build is right, it should be the alpha release  of choice.
    WinViSta 6.0a9 (April 12th, 2000: 3.88 MBytes download; 9.5 MBytes when expanded onto your disk). was the first publically announced version of ViSta 6. ViSta 6a9 has been tested under Windows 95, 98 and NT. It does not run under either 16-bit or 32-bit Win3.x. 
While the installation should go smoothly, if you are using NT and don't have adequate permissions, it may fail.

Contribute to ViSta's Development

The development of ViSta is open to those who wish to enhance ViSta for the benefit of its users. The editiable code and documentation files are distributed with a moderated open source policy. Rather than distributing the sources to everyone with the standard download, access to the sources is made through a CVS server located at UNC-CH..