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WorkMaps are ViSta's visualization technique for structuring data analysis sessions.

WorkMaps are created by ViSta as the data analysis session progresses.

In this example the analyst

  1. Loaded in the CarRatings data
  2. Normalized these data
  3. Loaded in data named Car-Prefs
  4. Did a principal component analysis (PrnCmp) of these data, producing the model named PCA-Car-Pref
  5. Created an output dataset of the component scores named Scores-PCA-Car-Prefs
  6. Merged the normalized data with the component scores.
  7. Then, using the component scores and the normalized ratings, the analyst
  8. Did a multivariate regression (MulReg)
  9. Output regression scores and coefficients.

Advantages provided by WorkMaps:

  1. WorkMaps visualize the overall structure of the on-going data analysis session.

  2. WorkMaps aid data analysts in remembering the steps of their analysis session.

  3. WorkMaps let the data analyst return to earlier steps in the analysis to take new data analysis steps.

  4. WorkMaps help the data analyst communicate the nature of an analysis to others.