Psych 208A: Proseminar on
Data Analysis & Visualization

Professor Forrest Young

Course Description & Prerequisites:

This one-month long proseminar is designed to introduce the concepts of Data Analysis & Visualization, as they are used in Psychometrics. There is particular emphasis on Prof. Young's work on these topics. The course is both retrospective and prospective.

There are no prerequisite courses. This proseminar is designed for graduate students who wish to be introduced to the topics of Data Analysis & Visualization.


This is a one-month, one-unit course which meets on Monday and Friday from 9 to 10:15 from August 21st to September 18th. The couse involves 7 topics, as shown in the schedule.


The readings give a general overview of the Professor's 30+ year career. These readings are a subset of those used in previous years, making for a less intense reading requirement than in the past. An additional list of optional readings is presented for those interested in a more in depth understanding. These readings, plus the required readings, constitute the entire reading list from previous years.


There is a final on September 18th. It is a written examination consisting of a single question. The question is: "Integrate the material in this course into a coherent whole". There are no other assignments other than readings.

Related Information

There is very complete set of related information prepared by William G. Jacoby for his Scaling and Dimensional Analysis course at the ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research). 

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