On Developing Software to:
"See What Your Data Seem To Say"

Prof. Forrest Young


Spring 2001: Mon Wed 10-11:15
Location: Davie Hall 347

  • What this course is: The goal of this course is to provide tools to graduate students to enable them to implement their ideas about new methods for the statistical analysis and visualization of complex data. The tools are contained in LispStat, an environment for developing new methods for computational and graphical statistics.

    The course is appropriate for first year quantitative students. Other students may take the course with permission of the professor. No prerequisites are necessary.
  • What this course is not: This course is not a course in data analysis, nor in how to use a statistical system for data analysis. It is not such a course because LispStat is NOT a full-fledged statistical data analysis system: It is not an alternative to SAS, SPSS, BMDP, etc.


  • Lisp-Stat : Functional, matrix, object-oriented and graphical programming in Lisp and Lisp-Stat. Programming is taught via an extensive set of programming examples using online datasets.
  • ViSta: A Statistical Visualization system written in Lisp by the professor and students in this class from 1991 to present. ViSta demonstrates the use of statistical and graphical programming in Lisp to create an open and extensible point-and-click system with modern statistical visualization capabilities.