Invoking Lisp-Stat

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Invoking Lisp-Stat

Let's jump right in and start working.

  1. From a Unix shell, type xlispstat. Depending on which version of xlipstat you've got, you should a message of the following sort.

    XLISP-PLUS version 2.1g
    Portions Copyright (c) 1988, by David Betz.
    Modified by Thomas Almy and others.
    XLISP-STAT 2.1 Release 3.44 (Beta).
    Copyright (c) 1989-1994, by Luke Tierney.

    The > is the prompt.

  2. You can fire up xlispstat in a separate xterm. For example, at the Unix prompt, you could type: xterm -e xlispstat & and an xterm will pop up with xlispstat running in it.

  3. You can invoke xlispstat from within emacs. This is definitely the best way to do it, since it gives you nice interface much like a Mathematica notebook, with command line editing, history, scrolling, multiple windows, etc. You can edit a lisp file in one window and execute commands in another. We will provide separate instructions for using xlispstat from within emacs.

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