Its about "Seeing what your data seem to say"


Midterm Exams

There will be two required in-class midterms on the dates given in the Schedule. They will cover the materials covered up to that point in lecture and readings.

The exams will consist of multiple-choice questions, short conceptual essay/definitions, word problems and computer output interpretation. The exams will cover the material specified in the Schedule. The multiple-choice questions and word problems are like those from the book that are used in the "Problem Solving" section of the homework assignments. The computer problems will involve interpretation of ViSta reports and visualizations like those seen in lab. Some questions and problems may require using tables. If so, they will be distributed with the exam.

Study Links:

First Midterm: Here are some links to help prepare for the first midterm:

Second Midterm: And here are some more links to prepare for the second midterm:

Before the end of classes you must tell Prof. Young you plan to take the optional final.

Because of the comprehensive and extensive nature of the second midterm, the final is optional. The final will cover all of the material in the class, with emphasis on the maderial covered by the second midterm. The points and grading are explained on those pages.

You must let Prof. Young know, in writing (email will do) that you choose to take the optional part of the final on or before the last day of lecture.

The final will be held during the regularly scheduled final examination period specified in the Schedule. There will be 3 hours to do the optional part. The project paper is due at the beginning of the period.

The final will have multiple-choice questions, word problems, computer problems and conceptual problems. They will be similar in format to the second midterm questions and problems. You may bring a calculator with you to the exam.