Project Assignment
(counts as a homework assignment)

Due Friday November 5th

Write the introduction for your research project. The introduction contains 4 main parts:

  1. Purpose. Why are you doing the study? What knowledge and understanding do you hope to gain?
  2. Theoretical statement. What is the underlying theory of psychology that is driving your research? What are the implications for the theory of your research?
  3. Previous Research: What have previous studies shown about this topic? For this you will need to use the library catalogue, either online or physically there. If you go to the library, the reference librarians can help you with this assignment, they are professionals at finding information. Each group must have 5 sources that they cite within the introduction.
  4. Research Design: From 2 you should talk about your research design. Why did you choose it? How is it implied from your theory? What are your variables?