Psych 30 Schedule
Sections 3 & 4, Spring 2001
I: Exploratory & Descriptive Stats
Dates Topics & Notes Readings, Labwork,
& Homework
 Jan 9,11 Introduction Class Survey Form and data.
Read: Truth and Consequences
Jan 16,18 Basic Statistical Concepts,
Descriptive Stat Reports,
Statistical Visualizations
ViSta course at IRSS TTh12:30-1:30
G&W: Chapters 1& 2
Hmwk 1 Due Friday
Jan 23,25

Central Tendency,Variability
Z-Scores and   Transforming Data

Jan 30- Feb 1

Probability & Distributions

G&W: Chapter 6 
Hmwk 2 Due Friday
Feb 6,8 Interpreting Graphics Help Files from ViSta
Feb 13, 15 Sample Distributions and 
Sampling Distributions

G&W: Chapter 7  

Feb 20 Review Lecture Notes 
Thought Questions 
G&W: Chapters 1-7 
Feb 22
Exam 1: Exploratory & Descriptive Stats
II: Inference and Estimation
Feb 27-Mar 1 Hypothesis Testing
Significance and Meaningfulness
1) G&W: Chapter 8
2) APA Taskforce on Statistical Inference

3)Jones & Tukey: A reasonable Significance Test
4) Project teams and topic due Fri. 
March 6,8

One Sample Hypothesis Tests 

T-Tests for Two Related Samples

1) G&W: Chapters 9 & 1 
March 13,15
Spring Break
March 27,29

T-tests and non-parametric tests for two Independent Samples 

1) G&W: Chapter 10, 12  
2) Rough Draft of survey form due.
Project Assignment Due Fri.
April 3, 5

One-Way Analysis of Variance 

G&W: Chapter 13, 15
April 10, 12

Two-Way Analysis of Variance

G&W: Chapter 16 
April 17 Review for Exam 2:
Review Lecture Notes
Thought Questions
Interpreting Graphics
April 19 Exam 2: Inference & Estimation
Part III: Project

Lecture sessions will be for analyzing data.
Bring laptops to do the analysis.

Fri April 20

Project: Bring Laptops to Lab to begin analyzing project data.
Paper: Rough draft of sections 1-5
Tue April 24 Mini-lecture on Correlation.
: Bring Laptops to class to continue analyzing project data.
Paper: Final rough draft of sections 1-5, preliminary draft of sections 6-7
Thur April 26 Project: Bring Laptops to class to finish analyzing project data.
Paper: Polished draft of sections 1-5. Rough draft of sections 6-7
Fri April 27 Project: Bring Laptops to class to do final polishing of data analysis.
Paper: Final version of sections 1-5. Complete draft of sections 6-7
Tue May 1st Last Class Day: Paper complete. Sections 6-7 may need polishing.
May nth? Nathan's review for final.
May 5th Final. The Project Paper is due at start of final!